This is a PVP server and there are no rules against killing other players, taking their items, or destroying other player houses for the purpose of raiding. The best way to think of our server is like that it is a massive, never-ending game of survival. Of course alliances can be formed and it is at a players discretion how they want to play the game. Some people may be friendly and others will shoot on sight. This is a reality of the game and our server. 


Griefing / Trolling:

This type of behavior is not permitted and will have to be addressed on a case by case basis. Killing players or raiding a base would not be defined as trolling/griefing. However locking somebody inside a room or building a prison around somebody's house/base would constitute the definition of trolling in TFC. There could be other circumstances which could be seen as griefing/trolling and we can expand on this as different "trolling tactics" become more widely known. Also you are allowed to take over someone's house as long as you remove and replace all doors to the location.


Racism / Bigotry:

As on many gaming servers, we will not tolerate any form of racism or bigotry. All players on the server should feel safe in knowing they won't have to deal with hateful remarks based on nationality, sexual orientation, gender, color of your skin, etc.. If a player is seen in chat using such terminology like faggot or the N-Word then they should be warned swiftly via in game comms and if the problem persists then they will be removed from the server.


Hacking / Glitching:

In no way will hacking or glitching of any kind be tolerated. Anyone who is found  hacking or using third party software to gain an unfair advantage will be instantly banned from the server. If a player is found to be taking advantage of an exploit that could be due to a bug in the game or anything else will be given a strict warning and if it persists they will be removed. If a player is found to be duplicating items or something to that effect then they should be killed and all items removed from their inventory or stash. If found to have used a dupe glitch to build a base of some kind, then the structure should be destroyed by an admin with explosives.